Impressionistic & Textured Art

Frederick, Maryland (US)

From smaller affordable gouache to large oil paintings (like this couple kissing), I love to paint people in various settings capturing moments that tell their story.

“I’ve been painting for over 50 years in all types of mediums. As a self taught artist, I’m inspired by artists like Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Matisse; all masters of impressionism (visible brush strokes, dramatic light, composition, movement). Growing up in my native country of India, having started with pencil sketches in my childhood, I graduated to pen and ink drawings, then went on to water colors and today my favorite mediums are oil and gouache. My work exhibits bold brush strokes and impasto inspired texture. I love to paint outside on location using gouache (dries quick and easy to transport) and for larger oil paintings, I tend to use my home based studio located in Frederick, MD (US)” – Pepi Khara.

Everyone appreciates a painting of an eye catching floral arrangement, fruit, vegetables, kitchen ware, wine bottles, coffee etc. By adding dramatic back light or side light to an otherwise simple subject matter, I like to create one of a kind art pieces for large walls.

If you’re inspired by “painterly portraits” and appreciate the life long memory created by a custom painting, then I’d love to talk to you about commissioning me to paint your loved one or a pet. I’m not a fan of paintings that resemble detail found in photographs, preferring instead to use paint to suggest finite detail to differentiate my work from what a camera may capture. I’ve painted solo portraits, ranging from fun, formal to commemorative. I’ve painted couples, brides, children and even pets. I work from a series of supplied photographs and my timeline depends on my pending workload. Since portraits are very personal in nature, I prefer to collaborate as much as possible with my clients, noting details, color preferences etc before laying charcoal to canvas. I usually use museum quality, gallery wrapped canvases to paint on, where my painting continues and wraps onto all four sides of the piece, thus making framing optional (depending on the look you’re going for).

My 6”x8” water based gouache paintings on 140lb cold pressed archival paper
My 48”x48” oil paintings on museum quality canvas that does not require framing

My love for the outdoors is often captured in paintings depicting grand vistas ranging from a passing thunderstorm over a picturesque canyon, clouds formations over a mountain range, a cluster of boats in a harbor, horses in a wind swept meadow to glorious sunsets over a calm sea. I love painting landscapes and can replicate your favorite holiday picture.

Everyone loves their pets and I really enjoy painting pet portraits for those who do. My commissions have ranged from small 6×8 inch water based gouache pieces to large 48×48 inch oil paintings for large walls.

Besides oil paints, my second medium of choice is Gouache. Being water based, it is easy to transport, quick to dry and behaves a little bit like opaque impasto oil paint. Also, it does not dry permanently and by adding water, one is able to continue to work on it. My Gouache paintings are on high quality, long lasting, dense, cold pressed watercolor paper. After you buy one of my gouache paintings, numerous ready made frames for these sizes are available for you to matt and frame them in. In the case of the little 6″x8″ art pieces, by asking a custom framing shop to cut extra wide white mat cutouts around these small paintings, you can create some very interesting and eye catching art displays around inexpensive and affordable original art.


Email: pepikhara@gmail.com
Text: +1 301 662 9000