Impressionistic Portraits

Frederick, Maryland (US)

From large formal oil portraits (like this piece of my wife, Elci) to smaller affordable gouache paintings that capture a moment, I love to paint people in various settings and enjoy having my pieces tell a story.

Do you paint pets and children ?

Yes. Working from photographs supplied by you, I do paint pets and children in the same loose, painterly, impressionistic, colorful style using bold brush and palette knife strokes (in oil paintings) that my unique style of painting is known and recognized for.

9×12” Gouache on paper
6×8” gouache on paper
6×8″ Gouache on paper
Mediums used?

For my oil paintings, I only use chemical free walnut oil as the medium to dilute and mix my oil paints with. I find that it dries faster than other solvents which is an advantage to me when creating paint layers. For my gouache pieces the only required medium is water.

48×48″ oil on canvas
36×36″ oil on canvas
36×36″ oil on canvas
Delivery time?

Depending on size of the piece, my existing workload and complexity of the piece being ordered, my time frame to ship a finished piece ranges from 2-8 weeks. However, for a 25% surcharge, I am able to accommodate rush orders and a much faster turn around time (ie. upcoming weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc).

6×8″ Gouache on paper
48×48″ oil on canvas
Lifestyle portraits?

Unlike a formal portrait where the subject is most often looking straight at the viewer, a lifestyle portrait is typically a painting that tells a story and is painted in oil on a large canvas. Examples: a photo-journalistic shot of a bride and groom together, a client may want a spouse painted while he/she is shopping for flowers at a flower market, buying produce at a farmers market, hugging a dog, reading a book by a window, praying in church etc.

Formal portraits?

Over the years, I’ve found that the most common size requested for a formal portrait painting is 24×24 inches (60×60 cm).

On the other hand, lifestyle portraits usually encompass multiple elements and are usually larger with the most common size being 36×36 inches (90×90 cm).

12×12″ oil on canvas panel
12×12″ oil on canvas panel

How to pay?

I have a merchant account with PayPal so you can use any plastic card to send payments to me. If you’re local and prefer to pay by cash, that’s acceptable too.



I find the convenience, quality and pricing of pictureframes.com to be excellent (especially if you’re buying one of my larger Gouache pieces). You can upload an image of the painting onto their site to “preview” what your framed and matted art will look like in any number of combinations before deciding on one.

What are your prices?

My prices are based upon size, complexity and medium used to paint them. Oil paintings are more expensive than water based Gouache paintings on 140lb – 300lb cold pressed, archival paper.

Gouache on paper:
6×8″ – $175
8×10″ – $275
9×12″ – $375
12×16″ – $475
16×20″ – $675

FRAMED: 6×8” Gouache on paper
FRAMED: 6×8″ Gouache on paper

Oil on canvas:
6×8″ – $250
8×10″ – $325
9×12″ – $425
12×12″ – $400
12×16″ – $575
16×20″ – $725
18×18″ – $750
24×24″ – $950
36×36″ – $1250
48×48″ – $1650

18×18″ oil on canvas
6×8” gouache on paper

Step 1: Pick a clear photo that you’d like me to paint.
Step 2: Pick a medium (gouache on paper or oil on canvas).
Step 3: Pick a size and corresponding price from the list above.
Step 4: We collaborate to discuss background colors and other small additions/deletions from the piece.
Step 5: I collect a 50% retainer from you and begin work.
Final step: Along with the final 50% balance due, we add 6% Maryland state tax plus cost of packaging, shipping, insurance (receipt provided), prior to shipment to you via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground (depending on the size of the piece). All shipments have a tracking number and must be signed for by you to accept the delivered piece.


Email: pepikhara@gmail.com
Text: +1 301 662 9000